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Cefriel is a digital innovation center that creates products, services and processes, participates in international research programs and develops digital culture and skills. ​

It is a multidisciplinary team of over 130 people with a mix of technical, business and design skills.

In 30 years of activity Cefriel has delivered projects and solutions for Italian and multinational companies, especially in UK, Switzerland, France and USA. ​

Founded in 1988 by Politecnico di Milano, today it includes as shareholders University of Milan, University of Milan Bicocca, Insubria University, the Lombardy Region and 17 multinational companies.

Cefriel is consortium company totally autonomous from public or private funding. It is a not for profit where the real dividend is the impact on the economy, on society and on the territory, and the creation and promotion of new professional skills and competences.


  • Transformation projects: Design of governance models, processes, roles and organizations for innovation and digital transformation. Definition of processes, guidelines, tools and techniques to manage projects portfolio and operations.
  • Executive sessions and workshops: Visual Innovation Storming workshops to elaborate concepts, business opportunities, storyboards and mockups of products and services. Design Thinking sessions to redefine processes, tools and services. Focused sessions to design innovation strategies.
  • Mentoring and coaching: Mentoring on processes, tools and techniques to support change and to introduce project management approaches, processes tools and techniques. Individual coaching for the development of innovation and project management culture and mindset.
  • Training: taylor made and catalogue educational courses and certifications on the following topics.
    • Innovation Management
      • Business Modelling for Innovation
      • Change Management
      • Design Thinking
      • Digital Business Transformation
      • Innovation Strategy & Management
      • Servitization
    • Process Excellence
      • Agile & Lean
      • Business Analysis
      • Portfolio & Program Management
      • Project Management
      • Risk Management
      • Service Management
      • System & Requirements Engineering

Sinfo One is a leading player in the IT industry, with more than 30 years’ experience in designing and implementing ERP integrated solutions connected to Business Intelligence, Performance Management and Product Lifecycle Management.

We operate in different industry sectors offering extensive knowledge and diverse expertise gained over the years. However, because of our vast experience in the Food & Beverage industry, we offer a distinctive value to firms operating in this sector, which account for 70% of our customers.

We provide our customers system integration, consultancy and outsourcing services, offering a unique blend of competencies in IT, business and process management. We engender a partnership with our customers and help them to optimize processes, to enhance the innovation capacity, to gain a competitive advantage implementing the right IT solution. 

We are successfully bringing our skills abroad: in the last 4 years the foreign turnover has increased from 4% to 21% of the total, with important projects for European multinationals (Germany, UK, France, Spain, etc.) and non-European ones (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Emirates).

Sinfo One is Oracle Gold Partner, that obtained the Oracle EMEA Award in 2010, and the Enterprise PLM Partner Excellence Award in 2013.

In 2016, Sinfo One joined Redfaire International, the joint venture bringing together the world’s most important Oracle consulting partners to operate jointly in managing international projects involving Oracle JD Edwards.



Si Fides is an extended ERP system created by Sinfo One, for all application areas. Si Fides provides guaranteed immediacy, ease of navigation, ease of use and ease of access to information at any time, from any device.

Flexible and modular

Si Fides is a modular, object oriented, multi-platform and multi-database ERP Cloud solution developed in Java. Si Fides is a multi-company and multi-site system that, thanks to its high degree of scalability, is capable of keeping in step with your company’s growth over time, supporting and facilitating its development, both in terms of business and organisational structure

Natively integrated

Si Fides covers all company processes through the use of high-performance modules designed to work in an integrated way. The individual modules may also be activated gradually, based on the relevant business priorities and demands.

Tailored solutions for your company

Si Fides is highly customisable and adaptable: during application set-up, it is possible to configure specific scenarios, perfectly aligned with your company’s demands.

There are numerous industries for which a vertical solution of SiFides is available: Food & Beverage, Industrial Manufacturing, Chemical & Cosmetic, Automotive, Hospitality, Finance e Professional Services.

Established method

We incorporate Si Fides into your company using an established approach, perfected over the course of numerous implementation projects and using various pre-set strategies depending on the business, volume and processes managed.

Supporting the growth and profitability of your company.

Si Fides helps optimise and speed up decision-making processes, and increase profitability and profit margins.

the Project Management Lab®, shortened PMLAB, is a management consultancy company specialising exclusively in the field of project management.

Our vision is “to be a project management partner for project-based companies that are leaders in their relative market sectors”. This challenging vision encourages us to constantly improve our own management skills and put them to use in our clients’ projects.

Our mission is “to give added value to our client companies’ projects”. This means providing customised solutions to client companies, in order to both increase both value in economic and organisational terms and improve innovation and know-how in the projects we are a part of, promoting project culture and facilitating change

Since 2002 PMLAB has been a REP® – Registered Education Global Provider (n.1612) of PMI® – Project Management Institute.

Since 2007, PMLAB has been UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified for the planning and provision of project management consultancy and training services (sectors EA35 and EA37).

PMLAB works in many industries, for companies with different sizes, both domestic and global. This way we had the opportunity to develop a large-scale experience in project management applied to the peculiarities of single industry/company.

For years PMLAB has been committed to supporting humanitarian initiatives that view project management as a tool for social development, particularly activities of PMIEF® – Project Management Institute Educational Foundation.


PMLAB provides a wide range of products and services:

Education. PMLAB carries out only in-house tailor-made training programs, designed around the specific needs and priorities of the customer organization. Our training offer is well represented by PMU®Project Management University, Project Management Gym, E-learning suite in project management, Business game in project management.

2. Certification. Since 2003 PMLAB has successfully helped hundreds of candidates to obtain the main PMI® certifications, such as PMP®, PMI-SP®, PMI-ACP® through specific training preparation programs, both in-house and public.   

3. Coaching. It’s a more individual form of training aimed at assisting real project teams. It provides support about project management key issues throughout the project life cycle, both methodologies and behaviours. 4. Consultancy. It entails specific actions and solutions aimed at improving effectiveness and maturity of project management system of the customer organization, Typical examples are: PMO Roadmap, Project Management Standards, Project Manager Role, Project Risk Management toolkit.

4. Consultancy. It entails specific actions and solutions aimed at improving effectiveness and maturity of project management system of the customer organization, Typical examples are: PMO Roadmap, Project Management Standards, Project Manager Role, Project Risk Management toolkit.

Thank you from the PMI Italy Chapters to our Sponsors!