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This page is dedicated to our Silver Sponsors.

PME is a service company virtual oriented and goal oriented. This is the meaning of our slogans, which also represents the mission of our organization: Governance E2E, Value for money, New frontiers of consulting. We strongly believe that the value of the service is its quality in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, professionalism, innovation and flexibility and we aim to offer our customers only this, freeing advice from everything that is ‘superfluous’, which generates costs without creating any value. For example, our approach tends to minimize on-site interventions, as these are important only if:

  • They are required by the customer and useful for building mutual trust
  • They are critical to achieve the objectives of the initiative

From this perspective, we propose and decline the whole service portfolio even in a ‘remote mode’ and “on demand”, which is, in our opinion, the new frontier for the provision of professional advice.

While this may seem, from one side, like a very simplistic solution to respond effectively to the reduction of the budget, on the other side is a challenge that can be supported and won only by really competent professionals. The creation of the total value for the customer is our unique purpose. In this context we have hence created two proprietary methodologies, which we apply in an integrated way with the most important internationally recognized frameworks (such as PMBOK®, PRINCE2®, but also the ISO Standard 21500 and more and more Agile approaches and methodologies), by putting stakeholders at the core of the projects, turning them from ‘viewers’ into main characters. That’s why our virtual oriented model allows you to fully release all the potential value of the initiative, in all of its axes or dimensions:

  • shorter projects (reduced time to market)
  • most effective projects with measurable results, since the targets are shared by and with stakeholders
  • cheaper Projects because results-oriented, without unnecessary inefficiencies (value for money)

We help companies in gaining and consolidating an ‘agile’ mindset, by redesigning the organizational model to support customer centrality and value creation.

Accompanying businesses since 1995. Warrant Hub (formerly Warrant Group) is a unique company in the Italian business arena, which offers integrated services to support industrial development projects.

We operate in five different business areas to offer specialist advice on the main corporate assets: from assistance in obtaining subsidised loans to advice on research-development-innovation and digitalisation, from participation in European projects to the economic and-financial analysis of businesses and energy efficiency; whatever the area, we are committed to being a competent, attentive partner to the markets.

• Soft financing

• European Funding

• Corporate finance

• Innovation and Digital Transformation

• Energy

Haptica is a technology start-up operating since 2017.

Haptica develops and produces sensors and “sensorizes” objects with miniature semiconductors.

Our technology allows unprecedented precision in measurements and positioning, with extremely low current consumption.

Haptica transforms functional items in connected “IoT” devices with extraordinary performance. The objects are autonomous, can be interrogated wirelessly and are integrated in a network with minimum energy consumption or even autonomous.

European School of Project Management (ESPM) was born in 2009 to Collegno, near Turin, by Project Manager Professionals group that was to transfer our passion and experiences in project management.

Since 2016, ESPM comes to Milan city continuing its corporate mission. ESPM believes in training value and proposes hight quality courses.

In addiction, thanks to contribution of our professionals, ESPM is one of leaders for training and consulting in project management.

ESPM provides high quality training courses and business consultancy services on the most modern Project Management techniques and methodologies with different delivery methods (calendar in the ESPM classrooms, privately in the companies, coaching, consulting).

At Strategy Execution, we believe that everything is a project.

High-impact strategic work is done through a series of projects, so it’s important that people running projects are equipped with the right set of skills to ensure success.

Strategy Execution, the global authority in project leadership training, equips your people with the complete package of technical and leadership skills — the mindset, adaptability, and expertise to lead and execute projects in any context.

We challenge and enable our clients to close the strategy execution gap and drive higher organizational performance by strengthening project leadership skills.

By combining the best of cutting-edge university research and proven business techniques, we deliver training designed to increase alignment and engagement across teams, business units, or the entire enterprise.

Our core expertise centers on training in:

  • Project management and execution
  • Lean and Agile
  • Business analysis
  • Soft skills

We take a tremendous amount of pride in our training and the impact it has on our client organizations. Whether your goal is to sharpen your team’s core skills or evolve the way your leadership approaches strategy execution, we have the education solutions that will transform the way you think, lead, execute, and perform.

It’s time to declare a new standard of performance. Contact us today.

Eureka Service was founded in 1990 with the primary objective of operating in the field of Project Management. Our typical customers are worldwide public and private companies and organization of any business area.

Our mission

Our mission is to be a business partner for our Customers during start –up and empowering of Project Management systems facing corporate organizational, methodological, procedural, information and training features.

Who we are

Eureka Service is composed by an elite of specialists, trainers and consultants among the best professionals in the field, with solid experience built in major international companies.

Our Proposal

Based upon the experience gained since 1990 in OPMOrganizational Project Management Systems, a combination of people, processes and tools aimed at achieving the projects objectives and strategic business goals, Eureka Service offers custom solutions designed from a full range of services:

  • Consulting Services
  • Training
  • Software Development and System Integration
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Products and Services

Organizational Project Management Systems is a way of thinking, communicating and working, aimed to improve relationship between company strategy and Project Management within an organization-wide effort to increase effectiveness and efficiency.


Eureka Service

  • Is PMI Global REP® (Registered Education Provider) since 2001
  • is a Microsoft partner for the Microsoft Project product suite (Project Professional, Project Server, ProjectOnline, and on these products offers sales of licenses, training, consulting and support
  • is an Oracle partner for the Oracle Primavera product suite (Primavera P6, Primavera EPPM, Primavera Risk Analysis, Oracle Prime) and on these products offers sales of licenses, training, consulting
  • is a Palisade partner for the @Risk product suite for risk analysis
  • is a partner of ICIM (OdC Accredia) for courses and exams for UNI ISO 11648 Certification
  • is a partner of ANEV – Ass. Nazionale Energia del Vento
  • is a GPM partner – Green Project Management
  • sponsors and collaborates with the three Italian PMI Chapters
  • sponsors and collaborates with ISIPM –Istituto Italiano di Project Management
  • collaborates with Politecnico di Milano and MIP (accredited teachers)
  • collaborates with Luiss and Luiss Business School (accredited teachers)

For over forty years Thales Alenia Space has been designing, integrating, testing and managing innovative high-tech space systems for telecommunications, navigation, earth observation, environmental management, scientific research and orbital infrastructures. Governments and private industries rely on Thales Alenia Space for the design of satellite systems that provide for the connection and positioning, monitoring of the planet, the increase of its resources and the exploration of our System in every place and at any time Solar and beyond.

Thales Alenia Space sees space as a new horizon, helping to build a better and more sustainable life on Earth.

Thales Alenia Space is a Joint Venture between Thales (67%) and Leonardo (33%). Thales together with Telespazio forms the strategic partnership “Space Alliance” able to offer a complete set of services. Thales Alenia Space has a consolidated turnover of 2.5 billion euros in 2018 and around 8,000 employees in almost all European countries.

Flex is the leading Sketch-to-Scale® solutions provider that designs and builds intelligent products globally.  With approximately 200,000 professionals across 30 countries, the company provides innovative design, engineering, manufacturing, real-time supply chain insight and logistics services to companies of all sizes in various industries and end-markets.

Flex has four locations in Italy:

Milan: With a team of over 220 people and experience in medical device development spanning more than 20 years, Flex Milan Design Center helps its customers become more competitive, by supporting them in the design and engineering of innovative products, while staying constantly focused on their quality and reliability.

Treviso: Founded in 1988, this Flex site specializes in molding and tool fabrication. Over 170 employees work closely with customers to help them expand their product portfolio through advanced manufacturing processes and techniques.

Trieste: Since 1970, Flex in Trieste has partnered with local and global customers to help them build innovative products and solutions of the future.  Now, with over 600 employees Flex in Trieste is a Global Center of Excellence for optics capabilities.

Somaglia (LO): Somaglia’s distribution center operates a 24/7 direct order fulfilment serving both B2B, B2C and C2C customers. Thanks to a highly experienced and flexible team, it can support seasonal adjustments or special requests such as a product launch.

Thank you from the PMI Italy Chapters to our Sponsors!