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The words of sustainability – Sara Cerri

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Real Project Success: Weaving Sustainability Thinking into Project Management – Rich Maltzman

Sustainability, like quality, is an inherent characteristic of every project.  Sustainability – which you can interpret here as ‘long term thinking’ tied into a tight knot with ‘benefits realization’ – should permeate every aspect of project planning.  Don’t segregate these subjects, these ideas, this wisdom, from your project management thinking.  They are not incompatible! To contribute to organizational success, projects should increasingly think “past the transition date”.

To do this, in turn, a project manager needs gain a greater perspective, which is a bit counter-intuitive for our discipline, which is laser-focused on an end-date.  We need to keep that end-date in mind but also expand our thinking and considerations, especially during the all-important planning processes, to encompass the outcomes of our project’s product.  We want our project’s product to produce long-lasting economic benefits while also considering the other elements of the Triple Bottom Line: ecological and social aspects.

Studies show that project managers actually have a lower ‘character strength’ for “perspective” than the general population.  By bolstering this character strength and including the longer term in our planning, we will do a better job on achieving true project success, not just success in limited (and temporary) project management metrics.

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Plastic has its value… do not waste it – Roberta Bernasconi (Project Story #ingegno)

The use of recycled plastics in home appliance has been deployed through several projects each of them managed by cross-functional teams (materials – procurement-platforms) with dedicated deliverables and timing. In parallel, we decided to participate in a EU funded project in order to contribute in the development of a best in class recycling streams through the whole value chain (from design to use, collection, recovery), to further improve the quality of the recycled material that will be available on the market in the next years.

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Sustainability is not a myth – Massimo Pica Ciamarra

Discarded habitual behaviors and improper rules, mutations in mentality and systemic vision will lead the transformations of living environments towards principles of sustainability. No more partial sectoral views, but logics of relationship, interaction and integration. Interventions –no longer autonomous, but fragments of larger systems – prioritized for how they become part of the themes summarized in the triad “Environment / Landscape / Memory”, for how they affect lifestyles, as they contribute to ” civilize the urban” and collaborate on the spiritual dimension of our contexts. 

It’s not a matter about new rules, it’s not enough to revolutionize them. If in the past it could perhaps even be ignored, now it can no longer, even for the unprecedented orders of magnitude of various factors. Research on the Fourth Environment and Space Habitat helps ending the era of unjustified ignorance: it makes us reflect on constraints that are actually still underestimated on the planet we live in. 

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Complex buildings: the sustainability challenge – Alessandro Artuso (Project Story #terra)

The New Maternity Hospital is a 650-bed children’s hospital with 320m2 surface under construction in Kuwait City, in the “Al Sabah” media district.

The hospital complex, under construction on the seafront, consists of the Main Hospital Building, made of a podium and three towers 18 stories high, and some smaller buildings: the Annex Building, which contains the hospital administrative activities, the Central Utility Plant and a multistorey car park.

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#PMI Italy Chapters – Giusi Meloni, Paola Mosca, Sergio Gerosa

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Beauty Remains – Silvana Castellucchio

The speech aims to investigate one of the most intimate, dazzling and uncomfortable sides of the sustainability theme: sustainability as a personal challenge. 

The means by which this process is investigated is by doing, by making art, to bring out what was not there before.

The artistic and at the same time scientific/corporate provenance of Silvana Castellucchio represents the field of research.

The objective is the awareness and consciousness of creativity in each of us, in each person according to their own way, which leads to Beauty. 

Beauty that is not just an abstract theme or something only for thinkers, but it is about taking concrete, widespread and ‘designable’ actions, according to what is presented by the project “Beauty Remains”, which Castellucchio has been taking part since 2016.

Beauty that becomes sustainable through its organic participation to the social and cultural context.

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Tomorrow, today – Michael Sampene (Project Story #fuoco)

Construction of an Onshore Receiving Facility (ORF) could not have been successful without considering sustainability. The ORF was to receive gas from a platform about 62km offshore through a pipeline laid on the seabed. The gas is compressed and sent into the national grid network for power generation. 

Sustainability, in simple terms, means ensuring continuity in the exploitation and/or usage of the limited resources for inter and intra generational purposes. Life cycle approach to project sustainability of oil and gas activities from engineering through commissioning to operations was necessary and applied at each stage of the project.

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#Pledge of Service – Dario Morandotti & the #allcrazy4theforum

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Bye bye! – Giusi Meloni, Paola Mosca, Sergio Gerosa

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