Call4Papers – CLOSED
Call4Posters – CLOSED
Call4Photos – OPEN

Call4Papers – CLOSED

How “sustainable” are you as a Project Manager?

The theme of the PM Forum 2019 taking place on the 18th of October, 2019 in Milan, jointly organized by the three Italian Chapters of the Project Management Institute, is SUSTAINABILITY, as the ability of a system to continue working (and evolving) in the long run*.

*(ref. A. Atkisson “The Sustainability Transformation”, p. 9)

The projects with “sustainability” best practices applied in an original way will be presented during the 3rd PMI Italy Forum (e.g. in terms of energy use, choice of renewable raw materials, waste reduction, reuse of materials in terms of circular economy, environmental impact containment, respect for the intellectual heritage and the professional participants preferences, and so forth).

Abstracts presentation rules

Tell us about your experience, your inventions and the strategies you have adopted to make your project “sustainable”.

Send us an abstract (max 300 words) of a project experience in which you’ve applied sustainability practices, highlighting how and how much you managed to be a “Sustainable PM” in an articulate and compelling way, both in the title and in the text.

The selected experiences will be presented during the PMI Italy Forum 2019. A (co)presenter will be admitted free of charge and travel expenses will be reimbursed*.

Applications will be accepted within May 12th, 2019.

Abstract approvalI

If your project is shortlisted, a communication will be sent to you by the 30th of May, 2019 to develop the material (a presentation and a text document up to 4 pages) for a final project evaluation before it is presented during the Forum. And if you’re not in the short list, don’t worry! All the proposals will be collected and made available to the participants of the Forum to share suggestions, ideas, reflections and alternative paths.

The Scientific Committee aligns with the procedures used by PMI for the international events.

(*) reimbursement of expenses are “per diem”.  If you want more detailed information write to:

Call4Posters – CLOSED

The theme of the PM Forum 2019, which is jointly organized by the three Italian Chapters of the Project Management Institute on the 18th of October in Milan, is SUSTAINABILITY. The Forum will offer the opportunity to meet people and exchange information and ideas on the ability of a system to continue working (and evolving) in the long run*.

*(ref. A. Atkisson “The Sustainability Transformation”, p. 9)

This year it was decided to involve university students, graduate students, and future professionals in a ‘Call for Posters’.

So we want to invite you to answer to this call presenting a poster. Why? Because we believe it is an interesting way to present your studies, experiences, and activities – already realized or in progress, on a theme as transversal as sustainability, and allow you to reach a wide audience providing you the opportunity to receive feedback on your work.


The call for posters is aimed at the realization of projects and initiatives – already completed or in the planning stage, in line with one (or more) of the 17 United Nations Sustainability Objectives (SDGs), with particular attention to their application in terms of ingenuity, development, creation and dissemination of good practices, engagement of stakeholders, and the culture of sustainability.

We expect contributions from people affiliated with various disciplines such as Fine Arts, Architecture, Computer Science or Engineering, Sciences in terms of energy use, choice of raw materials, use of renewable energies, waste reduction, reuse of materials with a view to circular economy, containment of environmental impact or respect for intellectual heritage. We are interested in any experience that develops the concept of sustainability, also with reference to the well-being of people and relationships, to culture and to social development.

Rules for the presentation of abstracts

Send us an original contribution in the form of an abstract (max 300 words in Italian or in English) of a project experience already realized (or being planned) in which you have applied (or plan to do) good sustainability practices, highlighting both in the title and in the text, in an articulate and compelling way, how and how much you managed to be (or will manage to be) a “sustainable PM”.

Abstract approval

The Scientific Committee will evaluate the abstracts received by 31st of May 2019, and will communicate the approval by e-mail by 18th of June 2019, to then develop the material (a vertical poster).

With this choice, the Scientific Committee is aligned with the provisions of the celebrations for the PMI foundation’s 50th anniversary.

In any case, all the proposals, even those not selected for the Forum, will still be collected and made available for the participants to share suggestions, ideas, and reflections.

Poster Size

The poster must be in vertical A0 format, that is: maximum height of 1189 mm and maximum width of 841 mm, but even a smaller size (A1) is acceptable. The poster will be placed on a vertical support inside the conference room.

Poster session

The entrance to the PM Forum for the authors of the selected posters will be free of charge.

Each poster must have the name of the author (or authors).

Each author can submit only one contribution.

Selected posters will be placed in the conference room by 9.00 am on the 18th of October 2019, and will be visible by all participants for the whole day.

The pdf version of the posters will be also uploaded to the event website.

Call4Photos – OPEN

What is sustainability for you? Tell us with a photo!

Choose a category from #air, #earth, #water, #fire and #ingenuity and share your point of view with us.

All photos will be published on the conference website,, and some may be selected to enrich the communications and presentations of the Forum.

Here are the rules:

  • Send your photos to;
  • You can send up to a maximum of 5 photos;
  • Each photo must have a name consisting of hashtag_nameofthephotographer_ progressive number (for example #acqua_johnsmith_01);
  • In the text of the email, please insert the following sentence as a waiver for the publication of your photos: “I hereby authorize the PMI Northern Italy Chapter, as organizing chapter of the 3rd PMI Italy Forum, to publish, distribute and keep the photos provided by me and I note that the purpose of the publication is merely informative and / or promotional.” This authorization can be revoked at any time by sending an email to the following address;
  • Photos for which the authorization has not been provided cannot be published.

Good sustainable photos!

Link to sustainability definition by PMI

Link to the 17 sustainable development objectives