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Stiamo raccogliendo le domande e le raggrupperemo poi per argomenti e selezionate per dare forma a un dialogo “a mille voci” sul passato, il presente e il futuro della nostra professione.


  1. Jim,
    many years ago during a congress I asked a prominent PM expert what was the way for organizations to introduce and sustain strong Project Management practices. The answer was: they should experience a big failure to become aware of the importance of Project Management.
    As of today, in Italy I feel that there have been no big changes: Project Management is highly undervalued in organizations, most PM have never met their sponsor or Senior Management, and as a matter fact, Project Management is mostly restricted to execution and controlling.
    What is your 360 view on this? Is this feeling shared in other territories? What is ongoing on PMI side to improve?

  2. I feel Project Management and its subdiscipline Earned Value Management as the “art and trick to do things” but I do not feel it so pervaded in the world (mainly in Italy) as I expect it should be. What is your opinion?

  3. Hi Jim,
    In the long story of PMI there was a continuos evolution and adapting to the indudries need. Also in the next future further evolution are coming and the next version of the PMBook is announced as a big revolution. May you a vision on this evolution?
    In the last forum in Naples there was some speach about the future of company more and more transforming themseves in “projectized” company with the need to have more and more “not PM specialist” affording projects. As a consequence a consideration was that the evolution of the PMI standard would have been to go toward semplification. What is your feeling on it? In this case what should become the role of professionist in such kind of organizations?

  4. The role of project manager in agile projects: what’s your opinion?

  5. Jim, please give us a tip for selling the value of project management to executives?

  6. PMBOK 6th edition included the process “Manage Project Knowledge”. It’s a first step for addressing knowledge management in projects. In your opinion, which might be the next steps?

  7. What would be your advice to a young person managing her/his first project?

  8. Hello, your opinion regarding the new focus on three main domains such as people, processes and business environment, including the most agile approaches

  9. PMI was founded 50 years ago and has almost half a million members. It has a significant cultural impact on ruling classes around the world. Nevertheless, planning seems to be in decline. Difficult and complex programs that are announced and managed with simple tweets; an increasing focus on the very short term; bridges that collapse. How do you see this apparent dichotomy? What is PMI doing or could do to bring planning back to the centre of public life, of companies, of families?

  10. Dear Jim,

    what about the relation between Artificial Intelligence and Project

    Many Thanks

  11. Jim, what is your opinion on the extraordinary work behind PMBoK v7? After the acquisition by the PMI of the Disciplined Agile … what impacts, convergences, new models, new roles do you forecast?
    A few years ago Bill Gates said there would be a PC on every desk … without a doubt Gates is one of the geniuses of our time. Companies use PC and MAC without distinction – based on specific needs – is it the time for each team to have more PMs with different skills to apply to the specific project in progress?

  12. Which has been the most critical moment in yours 50 years of PMI? Why? How did you solve it?

  13. Have you ever thought about giving up the PMI during your 50 years? If so, which was the cause? How did you feel in that moment?

  14. A project manager is tasked with a long list of duties and many competencies are required to perform the job effectively. Creativity is just one and, in complex project, can represent a decisive factor.
    On the basis of your experience, what is the best way to practice and promote creativity within a project?

  15. Companies are very often pursuing short term profit, without paying attention to long term effects of their choice about project.
    They often refuse to sustain the Cost Of Quality also when it’s clear they will sustain higher costs in the future due to defect or failure.
    How is possible to change management attitude and promote a sustainable long term view on company operations?

  16. Dear Mr Snyder,
    I have a dream. Please help me to make it real.
    I am writing from the “green heart of Italy”.
    The Project Manager is my profession. The Project Manger is my vocation too. Every Citizen is the project manager of their life. In fact PM Institute is a community, a family.
    Which is the difference between a good citizen, a good head of the household or a good political leader so?
    There is no difference in my opinion but the certificate of PMI that certified and guarantee you have experience, knowledge, skills and ( mandatory for the certificate ) you promise to act ethically, always and by any means.
    Please accept additional questions than.
    What is POLICY ? Aristotele wrote ( from his book “Politics” ): Politiká or Polis, meaning “affairs of the cities”.
    So, what is the ultimate scope of the head of the PM Institute? What is the ultime scope of each single branch of the worldwide PM Community? What is the ultime scope of each citizen?
    The answer is clear to me. What about you, Mr Snyder ? A certified PM must be “proactive”.
    The word is changing so fast … Are you ready to support this change properly? Are you ready to review the PM rules accordingly? We have to ACT. Life is NOW.
    I hope my message will reach you and all the community throughout this message.
    Last but not least : science say time does not exist, rules of PM must be updated accordingly 😉
    Good Luck everybody !

  17. Dear Jim Snyder, I’m work in Risk managmnet industry in Italy. We have encountered an obstacle in our work – how to introduce new technology and service to the business and market. Our service that we sell concerns earthquake prevention with a 82% accuracy rate 23 days before the event. Through interview and our investigation with managers, the answer was always the same: – “yes, your service is really great, but we don’t know how to introduce in our business, what we can do with this information and make useful this information for us”. The question is following: How to find the right formula for selling / implement something compleately new for the business and market?

  18. dear Jim Snyder,
    1969, asse all know, is the moon landing year.
    I would like to know which influence the spatial program had on your decision about starting to formalize the Project Management best practices.
    Thanks a lot

  19. Dear Jim,

    PMI has been changing a lot in the last 50 years. What should members expect for the next years? What are the main reasons why professional should consider to become PMI members in 2030?

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