Michael Sampene

The model for which energy generation is linked to the exploitation of subsoil resources is not limited and unsustainable?

Yes. The current energy generation model which is mainly dependent on fossil fuel is unsustainable. Assessment of the entire lifecycle of these limited resources shows that several negative externalities are introduced into the environment. The effects of these energy sources have not been properly managed and this has affected the natural equilibrium of planet earth for which reason we need to act swiftly in a sustainable way going forward.


Can you explain what is intra-generational energy sustainability?

Intra-generational energy sustainability refers to sustainable energy development inside one generation.


The PMI Forum2019 in Italy what opportunity represents for project management and sustainability?

The PMI Forum2019 marks an important milestone in enhancing the role played by project management in sustainability.

The forum will provide the avenue to meeting several stakeholders from different background or industry and discuss relevant issues pertaining the subject. This will bridge the gap between project management and sustainability.


Education is one of the 17 sustainability objectives of the 2030 UN agenda: what does it mean to be sustainable in education?

Sustainable education refers to an equitable quality educational opportunities that can be accessible to all irrespective of a person`s social status. This will ensure a lifelong learning and improve the wellbeing by providing decent work to the people.


What are the sustainable development perspectives for the future of Ghana?

In my opinion, the sustainable development for the future of Ghana revolves most importantly around energy transitioning. Ghana`s economic growth just like any other country depends energy. The fuel mix of the current energy model shows a high dependence on fossil fuel which is known for GHG emissions. Future energy scenarios should consider critically how the country can transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy. Policies should be made to provide enabling environment for business growth for investors in renewable energy.

Secondly, plastics forms a high share of waste generated in Ghana and should be properly managed. The government should implement policies to make its production and usage meet the 3Rs in sustainability which are reduce, reuse and recycle. With this, the impacts of plastic will be minimized.

Last but not least is education. A country`s development and advancement depends highly on its human capital. As a result, educated population is essential to sustainable economic growth. The current government is making efforts to make education an all-inclusive and affordable by introducing the free senior high school education but effort should also be made to improve on the curriculum and hence the quality of education.